Monday, March 10, 2008

Disinformation from a Journalist

It's shocking why this blog was mentioned in Belinda Cunanan's column in Philippine Daily Inquirer. This was supposedly one of the blogs "set up by parents" to air dissatisfaction about students joining rallies.

This was set up two years ago, to post some of my musings, then ignored since.

Can a "journalist" just concoct some random stories and mention random blogs?
Maybe they should fire Cunanan. Journalists like her we don't need.

(I'm a Lasallian and anti-GMA, btw)

It's actually more amusing that annoying. :-)


At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Clap said...

If you read Cunanan's columns regularly, you won't be surprised. The PDI's chief Arroyo apologist and token pro-administration columnist (because it's a disgrace to the profession to call her a journalist) more often than not concocts various lies and misinformations. Worse, she does not apologize for her chismis-journalism even if her claims have been repeatedly disproved.

It's actually amusing to read her column. It's misplaced, of course. It would be at home beside a Lolit Solis column perhaps?

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