Monday, September 19, 2005

Welcome!!! (co-conspirators!)

Part I.

Never thought I'll be into this blogging business.
But enjoying the dictates of technology. It's too fun to miss.
And it might just be a blog revolution that would reform Philipppine politics right?
Who knows.
But welcome to my blog!

JET (call me jet! haha)
Comedian (not!)
Claims to be a researcher
Student at heart
Politically and Technologically Stressed

Part II.

With a warm (sizzling sound) welcome, all thy blog-viewers, I greet

Hesitant, I was, to be a party to this blog mania/fad/hysteria/whatchamacallit
But quite intriguing, this blogblog hoohaa is, that try it, I would do
Of course, helps, to come up with one, Doc July requiring all, it does (it can get confusing, huh?)
With much enthusiasm, write/post/whatever my incredible/fantastical (haha) musings, I will

And with this sacred vow (poetic, I am not), goodbye, I bid thee...
(Beat that Yoda-boy!)

Socrates/Kant/fukuyama - but not really!
Lecturer/Researcher (kuno)
FRIENDS enthusiast
Former-"political elite" turned activist-wannabe